Nutrition Is All About NUTRIENTS

Nutrition is all about Nutrients…..

I know it’s a profound statement but it really is all about nutrients!

Marketers have done an excellent job getting the population to worry about calories, carbohydrates, protein, sugar and the like.

Yes, those things are important, but when are we going to focus on eating food that is packed with nutrition instead of just calories.

Our bodies can’t function well on junk food. They need real foods that have real nutrients to provide the fuel necessary for optimal health.

2000 calories of oreo’s and cake isn’t going to do your body any good! It may be possible to lose weight while eating junk food but it isn’t possible to build health on such a diet.

Instead of thinking, “Did I get my set calorie amount in today?” or “Did I hit my protein intake for the day?”” we should be thinking, “Did I eat the nutrients my body needs today?”

If we think in terms of nutrition, everything else with naturally fall into place.

If we eat the nutrition our bodies need, we’ll naturally end up getting proper amounts of protein, calories etc.

As we give our bodies the nutrition they need, we’ll walk in abundant health and immunity to the diseases of our day.

Have an awesome day,


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One Tip to Cure Depression

Alternate Title: The Two Minute Morning Habit That will Set Your Day up for Success

An enemy of peace is self-pity. Self-pity is a trap into depression. It feels justified in the moment but the fruit of it is not beneficial.

The opposite of self-pity is gratitude. Being thankful for what you do have will always position your mind correctly. Thankfulness will keep you humble, and happy.

Leave no room for self-pity because it is a spiraling pit to a cesspool of selfishness.

It will rob your relationships, your health, your mental state and your peace.

It will negatively impact every aspect of your life.

The key is to stay rooted in gratitude.

Recently I’ve adopted a new habit of writing down 5 things that I’m thankful for every morning. I start each day being thankful for what I have. I’ve learned a lot about myself by doing this.

What I’ve found is that I am infinitely more satisfied with non material things. I am so much more grateful for family, friends and relationships, things that really matter in life.

It also reminds me of the positive things that are happening in my life. Instead of remembering all the negative things in my life, I choose to focus on the positive aspects of every day.

I challenge you to start doing this. Write it down to create the habit, but eventually you will wake up every morning and the first thing on your mind will be thankfulness.

Thank you for reading! ;)


Be sure to drop a comment with your thankfulness habits and how this one impacts your week. 

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How Long does it take to get Healthy?

How long does it take to get clear skin?

How long does it take to lose 30 pounds?

How long does it take to get jacked?

How long until my headaches go away?

“Insert your health related question here.”

Everyone has some health goal that they want to achieve. Asking how long it will take to achieve is the wrong question. Asking how long is basically giving up. Why? Because you’re looking for excuses to not even try.

Deep down you already know the truth, it will take longer than you want.

Typically, people just don’t want “x” bad enough.

Most people who radically change their health are suffering severely or have extreme motivation to change.

Do you want good health or “x” result more than you want to live in the status quo?

-The clearer your vision of the future, the more power you’ll have in the present. –

Imagine your breaking point. Imagine a future sickness; imagine your future health if you continue down the road your going; look at the poor health of people who have lived that path, they are everywhere and their sickness is obvious. Live as if that is happening now, so you don’t have to in the future.


Here’s the secret: don’t focus on the sacrifice and the cost, focus on the reward! Every single decision, every single meal, every single day.

Ask, “Will this bring me closer to the goal, the reward?

Oft times it takes a lot of pain to force us out of our false reality. Accept the truth of the situation and actually do something about it.

When you’re desperate, you have two choices:

  1. Take responsibility, or
  2. Give up.

You can put the responsibility on your doctor and blindly follow their advice or you can take matters into your own hands. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t listen to your doctor, what i’m saying is that your doctor shouldn’t be treated as God. Doctors’ are human and do the best they can, but they don’t always know the answer.

I would be covered in acne right now if I had listened to my doctor. I had to find the truth on my own.

If you start today, your results will be just around the corner.

Most people have spent decades ruining their health. Don’t expect to be on top of the world after a week of eating clean. It takes time for our bodies to heal.

The good news is that our bodies heal very quickly and when properly nourished, your perfect health is only a couple short months away, and the best years of your life are right around the corner.

Is it worth it?


It will take time. Maybe a month, maybe a year, but the time will pass regardless of what you do. You can either do nothing and be in the same exact place a year from now, or you can take action, and embrace your new vision of health, a short year from now.(probably much sooner)

So maybe its time you imagine yourself in a more desperate situation. Imagine your breaking point. Imagine sickness and live as if that is happening now, so you don’t have to in the future.

Your health is vitally important, it’s not just for you but your family and those around you. Imagine the relationships you be able to have when you are healthy and can fully give yourself to your loved ones.

Only think of the negative for a moment, then consistently focus on the vision you have for your health. Feed the good thoughts, discard the negative ones.

It takes time but the time will pass regardless. Stick to your plan and keep the goal in mind. Change your habits and trust the healing process.

In Health,



Post a comment below and tell me what your goals are!

The Nutritonal Wisdom that will Change your Life Forever

text636050644704611459The health of our society has hit rock bottom. People are sicker than ever before. Never in history have we seen so many degenerative diseases. Heart Disease and Cancer are the two leading causes of death in the United States, killing just under 1.2 million people in 2015(1). One out of three people are overweight. Children are dying of cancer. Autism is skyrocketing. Asthma, allergies, eyesight issues, headaches, joint pain and frequent sickness are just part of day to day life for many people.

We are in a major health crisis! 

People are suffering, and much of it needlessly!

Today i’m going to share the key information necessary to live an abundant and healthy life.

If this article is the only information you ever read regarding nutrition, it would be enough. It’s that important.

Pay close attention. You should get an ah-ha moment during this article. If it doesn’t “click” with you, re-read this article.

Our health is in the dumps, mainly because of piss-poor nutrition.

Our food supply is heavily tainted. Massive amounts of pesticides lace our foods. Our foods are so heavily processed that our bodies don’t know how to digest them properly. Our meats are pumped full of hormones and anti-biotics. Processed junk food is around every corner and down every isle at the grocery store.We are digging our graves with every bite of processed food.

This monster seems out of control, and it is………………..but there is still hope!

We have proof of societies that lived free from disease, degeneration and poor health. 

Listen up…

Back in the 1930’s a passionate dentist and researcher, Dr. Weston A. Price, determined to find out what makes people healthy and what makes them sick. After correlating the tragic death(heart attack) of his 16 year old son to a root canal surgery, Price was motivated to research the effects of dental health on the body. This research led him across the world, to accumulate a lifetime of nutritional information. His understanding of the teeth led him to understand the true impact of nutrition on health.

During this time period many of the villages and towns he visited were still living off of their natural diets, without the influence of the modern food industry. This was a time when airplane travel allowed him to access isolated people who were still living off the land.

He studied 14 different cultures in hundreds of villages and towns throughout the entire world.

Today i’m going to share this information for FREE.

I couldn’t in right conscious charge someone for these truths.

I believe its the right of every human to live at their highest potential health. To live a life free of sickness and disease. After all, what do you really have without your health?

It’s near impossible to change the world when you’re so focused on your own health struggles. I hope that this article and the information on this site will help you overcome your health issues and allows you the freedom to make a difference in this world.

It’s taken me many years to come to this understanding of health. I’ve been a vegan, a vegetarian, i’ve lived off just fruit, i’ve fasted, i’ve tried tons of supplements and crazy diets. It has ultimately led me to these truths.

I will briefly summarize these findings for you below.


The Nutritional Discovery of Dr. Weston A. Price: 

Dr. Price discovered the keys to real health.
Dr. Weston A. Price discovered the keys to real health.

Price found that when a society was living off of their natural diet, they were in perfect health. As soon as they switched to a diet of modern, processed foods, their health quickly degraded.

First we must understand what this “perfect health” looked like. You see, Price didn’t study disease, he studied the conditions necessary for health!

He found healthy cultures(control groups) who were free from tooth decay and disease. Dr. Price would go into a village and he would examine every tooth for signs of decay, he studied their diets, overall health and anything that could be a factor in the superior health of the people.

Dr. Price, being a dentist, was meticulous in studying teeth.The teeth are an obvious indicator to real health. If you have strong, healthy teeth, it’s an indicator that you’re whole body is strong and vice versa.

Decaying teeth=decaying body. Have you ever had a loose tooth, a cavity, tooth pain, crooked teeth, an overbite? I have too. These things are not normal they are the result of an improper diet.

Our Bodies aren’t designed to degenerate. Our teeth are designed to be strong and healthy for life! Only when we give our bodies the nutrition they need do we accomplish this.

Dr. Price found 14 cultures from different parts of the world and they all had close to 0% tooth decay when they were eating their natural diets.

That is unheard of in today’s society! Cavities are just a typical part of life.

These primitive people had perfectly formed teeth without braces. They didn’t get cavities, or have health issues. They lived long lives and even in their elderly years, were in excellent health. They aged gracefully.

Quite the opposite happened when they abandoned their natural diets and adopted more modern and processed foods. They suffered disease, high rates of tooth decay, their children weren’t as strong, they had crooked teeth, lots of  cavities and didn’t develop optimally because of their poor nutrition.

Dr. Price’s findings: 

He found many similarities in the diets of cultures from all across the world. The Masai from Africa and the Eskimos in Alaska were eating vastly different foods but they all contained a diet that was on average 10x higher in FAT Soluble Vitamins and several times higher in vital minerals and nutrients; compared to the westerner’s diet in their day.

10x Higher in Fat Soluble Vitamins

2-3x Higher in Vitamins and Minerals

Look at these photographs and read the captions. Understand the differences in the health of the people living on their natural diets and the ones on the highly processed modern diets. The effects of improper nutrition are extremely tragic!

FIG. 6. Above: brothers, Isle of Harris. The younger at left uses modern food and has rampant tooth decay. Brother at right uses native food and has excellent teeth. Note narrowed face and arch of younger brother. Below: typical rampant tooth decay, modernized Gaelic. Right: typical excellent teeth of primitive Gaelic.
FIG. 6. Above: brothers, Isle of Harris. The younger at left uses modern food and has rampant tooth decay. Brother at right uses native food and has excellent teeth. Note narrowed face and arch of younger brother. Below: typical rampant tooth decay, modernized Gaelic. Right: typical excellent teeth of primitive Gaelic.


(Original Caption) FIG. 3. Normal design of face and dental arches when adequate nutrition is provided for both the parents and the children. Note the well developed nostrils.


(Original Caption)Fig. 4. In the modernized districts of Switzerland tooth decay is rampant. The girl, upper left, is sixteen and the one to the right is younger. They use white bread and sweets liberally. The two children below have very badly formed dental arches with crowding of the teeth. this deformity is not due to heredity.


One Quick Case Study:

Dr. Price Traveled allthoughout Switzerland, vititing many different isolated villages, towns and cities.

Two of the towns he visited, Ayer and Vissoie were separated by a short hours walk(3 miles). Dr. Price found that 2.3 out of every 100 teeth in Ayer were attacked by tooth decay while Vissoie had a rate of 20.2/100.

Thats a 778% increase in cavities!!

WHY?…Vissoie was a well established town with modern roads that provided access to modernized foods like white four, jams, marmalades, syrups and sugar.

Ayer was living off of a typical primitive diet.

Dr. Price encountered this senario all over the world! Incidences of cavities and disease always increased when the people switched to modernized and processed foods.


Yes, this is what happens when we don’t eat the nutrition that our bodies NEED! There are many, many more differences, especially regarding healthy reproduction, but i’m not going there today. Just understand that the consequences are real!

This information is heavily documented, so much so that it’s impossible to ignore. Price saw the same conditions across the entire world and it was always correlated with the diets the people were eating.


3 Main Factors of Healthy Cultures:

  1. 10x Higher in Fat-soluble Vitamin Content

    -10x higher in 1930s, likely much larger now

  2. 2-3x Higher Vitamin and Mineral Content

    -Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine etc.

  3. Absence of processed food from diet

    -they didn’t eat pop-tarts and pancakes for breakfast ;)

Fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K are absolutely vital to the functioning of your body.

-FSV’s make your entire body strong. They help you absorb other nutrients, regulate your immune system and strengthen your bones.  They are so important that your body stores them in your organ tissues.

Best Sources of Fat-Soluble Vitamins: Cod Liver Oil, raw milk, butter, eggs, cheese, fish, grass-fed beef, organ meats.


Primitive Cultures had close to zero percent cavities, strong resistance to disease and otherwise excellent health. They ate off the land, raising cattle, eating wild fish and game. They lived in harmony with nature and ate real food.

Modernized cultures have abandoned real food. In consequence we have suffered greatly for it.

Only by switching our diets to include a large amount of real, wholesome foods can we reverse the health and disease of our bodies.

Fat soluble vitamins are found in real foods and must be a priority.

You don’t have to sacrifice everything, and go live in the woods to eat this way. With modern technology you can live and eat healthy foods with much less effort than these primitive cultures.

More to come,


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Eat Like an Adult

There I was in Costa Rica, at an authentic, local restaurant. It had been a long day of traveling and we finally stopped to eat. From the beginning of the trip, I had it on my mind to consume lots of fresh, Costa Rican fruit.

All I wanted was an appetizer of fruit before my meal, a very reasonable request.

So I ordered a dish called, “Platos de Fruta”. In my limited spanish, I interpreted this to mean, plate of fruit.

In parenthesis next to the item read, “(con helado)”. I had no idea what that meant, so I figured, because it was in parenthesis, that it wasn’t very important. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Imagine a skinny, acne prone teenager, with a ten scoop, brightly colored, ice cream sundae, surrounded by hungry adults! This thing was impossible to miss, the ice cream was neon pink, bright green and purple. You couldn’t even see the fruit underneath all that ice cream!

I still remember my youth pastor saying,”really!” and giving me the, “did you really order that?” look. It was super embarrassing!

I laugh every time I think about it. I learned a valuable lesson that day…helado means ice cream.. that you don’t eat ice cream for dinner.The_Cow_Boy_1888

Good Ol’ Grandpa Badass

Imagine your great, great grandfather. He worked hard fighting wars, laying railroad tracks, splitting wood, and busting his butt to provide for his family. He’d come home after a long, and tiring day of work and feast on steak and potatoes, not boxed macaroni and cheese.

A few things we can learn from Good Ol’ Grandpa Badass…

1)He actually ate meals.

-He was to busy busting his butt to snack on cliff bars and mocha latte’s. Snacking wasn’t part of his dictionary.

2) He ate real food first!

-Dessert was after dinner.

3) Dessert was an occasional indulgence not a daily delight.


What did Good Ol’ Grandpa Badass eat??

He ate actual food.

Meat, milk, eggs, potatoes, veggetables, fruit, etc.

My parents grew up eating meat and vegetables.

They always had some meat and a side of vegetables.

My dad grew up in a big household and they always had flank steaks because they were cheaper than other cuts of meat back then. His parents forced him to eat his veggies and liver was served regularly.

As a society, we lost our health when we stopped producing our own food. Food processing is a for-profit business, not a for-health business.

Nowadays, I see way to many kids who are extremely picky eaters. Their diets are freakin’ scary! Mac n’ cheese, pop tarts, bagels, ice cream, sweets and more sweets! Where is the nutrition?

What you need to know to eat like an adult:

The difference between an adult and a child is responsibility. Adults take responsibility for their health and for the health of their family.

  • Adults eat meals.
  • Adults eat real food.
  • Adults save dessert for after dinner.

Responsible adults built America, and they did it eating real food.

Lets go back to the honorable days of eating real food and respecting our bodies,